• Wausau Refinance Success Story: Rita

  • Wausau Refinance Success Story: Rita

    Let’s cut to the chase. Rita, recently retired, and now on a much smaller fixed income needs to cut expenses. She called me two weeks ago to try to lower her mortgage payment.

    Rita currently has a FHA home loan. She has good mortgage payment history, good credit scores, and has a steady source of income.

    A Wausau FHA streamline:

    May not require an appraisal – appraisal not required on most streamlines

    Traditional employment verification may not be required

    Traditional documentation may not be required – very few documents needed

    No lender fees

    This Wausau FHA program is designed to save you money without the cost and hassle of a traditional refinance. With minimal effort, we’ll have your refinance closed in less than 30 days!

    This was a piece of cake. I lowered Rita’s interest rate to 3.25% and saved her almost $200 a month. We significantly reduced Rita’s housing expense and she can plan on staying in her home for the long term.

    We closed Rita’s loan a day ago and she could not be happier. It was easy, fast, and exactly what Rita wanted.

    If you are ready to purchase a Wausau home or need a Wausau mortgage, please call me at 855-712-3113.

    You may now be eligible for an interest rate reduction. We may not require income documents or appraisal report to modify your existing Wausau interest rate and reduce your monthly payment! We recommend that you call to see if you qualify for the program.